BREW online

“An anchor in an uncertain world”

We have all been affected by the Covid 19 crisis – this is how BREW Wandsworth is rising to the challenge.

In a less than a week, Sam our amazing trainer, has adapted the materials she uses for her usual pre-lockdown workshops.  By the second online session, 8 of the 15 members of the group were able to take part in the new online BREW workshops and more will follow soon.  The group has set up its own WhatsApp Group and will soon Zoom together too.

So that everyone has a chance to take part, shorter online sessions are being repeated at different times of the day.  The lunchtime 12-2pm slot is most popular followed by the 4-6pm session when many BREW members who are home-schooling their children have finished for the day and are ready to start on BREW. 

One BREW member, Elizabeth, has already been inspired by BREW to adapt her business model and is moving her nursery group to an online nanny service.  And, as Natasha, another BREW member, says: “I am very happy to be continuing my course online, BREW is an anchor in an uncertain world.”.

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